Thema: USB Mikrofon G Track nicht korrekt angeschlossen?

versuche seit gestern mein Samson G Track über neue Diktierquelle hinzuzufügen. Alles erscheint auch wunderbar: "Line: USB AUDIO CODEC". Dann kommt allerdings die Meldung "Bitte überprüfen Sie, ob das Mikrofon korrekt angeschlossen ist.".
Ja, ist es, funktioniert auch überall Problemlos nur nicht mit Dragon Professional Individual.
Gibt es da ähnliche Erfahrungen wenn nicht sogar Lösungen?
Danke und Gruß


Re: USB Mikrofon G Track nicht korrekt angeschlossen?

Unfortunately, the recent versions of Dragon will not take an audio input that identifies to the computer as "Line...". This is a known bug which has been acknowledged by Nuance. I personally doubt that Nuance will ever get around to fixing it.

The Samson G-Track mic is specifically designed to work with Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software without using an independent mixer/Audio to Digital Converter. Hence, it must identify as "Line"as per the Microsoft USB device standards.

The only way that you can use this microphone with the current version of Dragon Professional is to use the analog output available at the 3.5 mm pin plug from the G-Track monitoring port.  You will find this port on the bottom of the microphone. See page 36 of the User's Manual for the German language labeled drawing. Then you will need to connect the 3.5 mm cable to a standard USB Sound Pod and use that as the USB input to your computer.

Phil Schaadt