Thema: New release of NatLink/Vocola/Unimacro

Hello list,

I released a new, still test, release of NatLink/Vocola/Unimacro, 4.1oscar.

See http://qh.antenna.nl/unimacro/installat … ation.html

Unimacro is now enabled by setting the UnimacroUserDirectory. Like was already for Vocola (then of course the VocolaUserDirectory).

A third directory may now be specified for user-defined grammars, the UserDirectory.

So natlinkmain.py now visits up to three directories for grammar files.
-the baseDirectory for Vocola
-the Unimacro directory for Unimacro
-the UserDirectory for other grammar files, eg Dragonfly.

Also quite a bit of effort has been made to make the configure program more stable, better unittested, and produce better messages.

Please try, and report about your findings and probably glitches.

If I can assist users of this, especially Unimacro, for making Unimacro grammars better translated into German, I will be glad to help. See email button on the website mentioned above.

Greetings, Quintijn