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Max Roth Offline

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12.08.2012 23:11
RE: Hi everyone! I'm Max Roth and I created Freesr Speech Recognition. Zitat · Antworten

Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I've tried in the past but the language barrier stopped me. Fortunately, Google translate is gotten much better and now everything is translated on the fly in surprisingly good English. Google's translation engine is pretty impressive.

So, now I will be lurking around and trying to contribute here. Rudiger is a great asset to the voice recognition community and this forum is a great reflection of his commitment.

As some of you may know, I am the creator of Freesr which is currently being used by German users. My goal in creating Freesr was to provide a robust, inexpensive, platform for empowering voice users to create and share voice commands. So far, Freesr has been warmly received by Naturally Speaking users and WSR users alike. So, I want to invite everyone to try it and to start creating German voice command templates. The more international languages, the better. The website is:

Thanks Rudiger and to everyone here. Voice control enthusiasts are a small niche but always expanded. Let's get the word out about voice control and the cool stuff people can do with it. The voice control wave has finally arrived. We've been waiting for 15 years, what took it so long!

Max Roth

R.Wilke Offline

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13.08.2012 01:37
#2 RE: Hi everyone! I'm Max Roth and I created Freesr Speech Recognition. Zitat · Antworten

A very warm welcome to the forum, Max, so this makes for being in good company! And also thank you for the kind words. I would just like to encourage anyone who's interested in voice commanding the computer to have a look at your new program because it is something completely different from everything else that we have known, and really an interesting alternative for that matter. So, if there are things particularly related to using the program in German, and therefore language specific, everyone feel free to bring it up here.



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